This short post details my Jellyfin for Kodi setup. The information that is readily found through google and in the project docs is a bit overly complicated - at least right now.

Some basic info: I use Jellyfin as a media server and Kodi to play these media files over the network using the Jellyfin for Kodi addon. I have Jellyfin 10.4.3 running in Docker on Ubuntu Server 18.04 and Kodi 18.5 running on a Nvidia Shield Pro (2019).

  1. Add NFS video source to Kodi but set to not scan, scrape, update etc.
  2. Configure network share path (must match Step 1 exactly) for corresponding library in Jellyfin. From the Jellyfin Dashboard, go to Libraries, select a Library and add or edit Folders:
  3. Install addon following instructions from the official docs and selecting Native Mode Configuration.

And that’s it! No need for SMB shares with hardcoded users, or use of Windows paths at all!